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FOIST SHOUT IN 2015!!! :nuu:
Wed Apr 15, 2015, 1:24 PM
You are severely missed :stare:
Thu Oct 16, 2014, 10:23 AM
Mon Aug 18, 2014, 2:14 PM
Mon Jul 22, 2013, 2:56 PM


Jul 6, 2015
6:40 pm
Jul 6, 2015
1:28 am
Jul 4, 2015
7:30 am
Jul 1, 2015
3:56 pm
Jun 27, 2015
12:14 pm


As usual, in English - for the benefit of the wider audience :D / Kuten aiemminkin, conijälkipyykki englanniksi, varmasti osaatte englantia siinä määrin että kykenette seuraamaan. ;)

Finally got around making this journal though. The past week has been quite a bit of chaos.. but now the dust has started settling :la:. Here's a recap on the weekend's most memorable events.

So, I left for Desucon early Friday afternoon. After settling in to the hotel, unpacking, finding food, etcetc, it was finally off to the con. I had picked the gas mask outfit, which you can find from my profile via this link. Unfortunately, my skin issue had creeped up on me on Friday, and it turned out the gas mask tickles a lot, way more than bearable.. so I kind of settled wearing a ski mask only instead of the epic tinted lens mask :grump:. For your interest, apparenty some variant of atopia has decided to strike and flare up just recently. Haven't figured out the cause though..

Also, sleep deprivation from last night creeped up on me without warning.. so, I have to shamefully admit it, I actually fell asleep during a lecture on utopias and dystopias. Lecturer and those sitting next to me, if you read this, I'm terribly sorry for that :noes:. The beginning of the lecture was really interesting though, a well delineated and logical approach to the subtypes of these utopias and dystopias one can find :D. I hope to see the lecture later on on YouTube :eager:

After that, plus realizing I don't find any remaining programmes on Friday interesting, I decided to call it a day and make my way back to the hotel :D
But then, an another disaster struck! :nuu: All food stores nearby apparently had closed at 11pm (I arrived to the hotel 5min before that), and for obvious reasons I did not bother doing grocery shopping while dressed up to the nines. It was enough thrill that a drunkard apparently got ticked and started cussing at me.. I hastened my walk a bit as response :paranoid:. Luckily, pizzerias were still serving that late, and I got myself a mighty tasty kebab for a late-night 'dinner' of sorts.

Cue Saturday morning. Due to the skin issues yesterday, I decided that I shall use the outfit for Sunday also on Saturday :D And it turned out to be a superb choice, no problems at all. Of particular note were the massive wind gusts which probably were the nightmare of those wearing wigs. I did not get bothered by them the slightest, except for the odd one out which was ridiculously strong to actually hinder me from walking forward too quickly.

After a fancy (free) breakfast at the hotel, off to the con again :D Most of the day I spent doing various things, walking around, shooting a few pics.. playing Super Mario on an authentic SNES :la:.. watching lots of anime, hanging out.. and that's about it. Apparently I did not attend any lecture on Saturday :lol:. I also bought Resident Evil 5 :eager:, so then I will qualify for an Umbrella Corp badge after playing it :la:.

On Sunday, I did attend the lecture on solving cosplay problems in creative ways.. very inspiring, apparently there's a cosplay purpose for everything :D Also, due to neglecting to check where exactly the bus back home left from, had to walk 1km more with bags :facepalm: why can't Onnibus leave from the bus station like everybody else.  Still, got to the bus as intended :D

Despite all that, I came back in one piece, and had fun, which is the most important thing.


Will appear very soon on Flickr: lookie here. Will also post them on dA as soon as practical
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Anon Nymous
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Young, Finnish amateur photographer/photoshopper, who got his (so far) first DSLR in July 2011, and who is eager to learn new things about his hobby.

Along with art, I also like computers in general, math, bicycling, and making all sorts of jokes (and pranking people on Omegle :P)


Photos and other material licensed in general with CC-NC-SA. However, contact me if you desire an alternative licensing arrangement - I'm open to any reasonable suggestions in that matter!

Please note that all Animecon X photos are licensed under normal CC - usage allowed on the condition of credit! If you are in a photo, and would like a version without a watermark, CONTACT ME! I'll gladly accommodate your requests as much as reasonably possible :)


Steam: OrwellianStuff


Animecon 2015 - Summer Outfit by OrwellianStuff
Animecon 2015 - Summer Outfit
Okey, for the record, I will probably attempt to look like this in Animecon 2015 in Kuopio. A bit more summer-y maybe :D
Yet no utility was sacrificed, with pants containing enough pockets for all possible needs ;)
Desucon 2015 - OrwellianStuff - Ex Tempore Outfit by OrwellianStuff
Desucon 2015 - OrwellianStuff - Ex Tempore Outfit
Well, my face skin apparently got pretty sensitive and tickly on Friday (a part of my skin issue saga, I'd assume), so wearing a gas mask was
out of question due to the excess uncomfort. I did not want to risk the same on Saturday :D so, I decided to use the Sunday outfit also on Saturday.
As of how this outift was planned, it was decided by a single late-night session of digging through my prop box and periodically modeling
to myself in front of a mirror ^^. Turned out very practical, as apparently wind gusts had decided to descend on Lahti right on the weekend.. ;)
Desucon 2015 - TF2 RED Pyro and Soldier by OrwellianStuff
Desucon 2015 - TF2 RED Pyro and Soldier
Nice hat choices for a con indeed XD
Pyro's got a Max's Severed Head, and Soldier wears a fancy Magical Mercenary
Very nice cosplays! :D
Desucon 2015 - Spirited Away - No-Face by OrwellianStuff
Desucon 2015 - Spirited Away - No-Face
A No-Face from Miyazaki's excellent animation 'Spirited Away'. I recommend everybody to watch it, it is really well made
with a captivating storyline and spot-on animation.

Animecon is just 'round the corner. I need ---? [comment with more detail if needed] 

2 deviants said .. more guns!
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I will never tire of your amazing webcam :stare:
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